Dr. Steve Smith - Interim Pastor


Ruling Elders are  charged with the oversight of the life of our congregation – leading,  governing, and caring for its members.  Both individually and  collectively (as the Session), elders provide leadership in worship,  teaching, mission, care and nurture.  Along with our pastor, the elders  are the shepherds of the flock.

                        2018 Session Class

             Doug Dickson            Missions

             Joan Hansen             Worship

             Darlene Weiss           Finance

             Esther Koopman       Fellowship

             Jim Van Andel           Christian Ed

             Lois Gregg                Facilities

             Open position          Personnel

             Sandy Ferreira           Nominating/Clerk of Session 


Deacons  are charged with the sympathy, witness and service for all our members.  Deacons are persons of spiritual character, honest repute,  brotherly  and sisterly love, warm sympathies and sound judgment. Deacons provide  leadership in areas of stewardship and mission outreach. They assume  other duties as may be delegated to them by the Session.

2018 Class of Deacons

Lucy Van Andel- Moderator

Matt Conover

Bunny Edwards

Ann Fong

Diana Krominga

Daphne Owen

Diane Peek

Connie Salzwedel

Darrylynn Shatting